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$320.00 each
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Abel #4 Pliers & Sheath

When you are done buying $20 pliers that get rusty in a couple of months, step up to Abel. These pliers are fully machined aluminum and stainless steel. They crush barbs, cut wire, pull knots tight and open beers! Comes with a high quality leather sheath and a lanyard so you won't drop them overboard. Truly a lifetime tool. 
$135.00 each
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Abel Hybrid Hemostat

The easiest operating hemostat we have ever used. An ingenious thumb lock engages and disengages the locking mechanism. Perfect when your hands are cold!
$300.00 each
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Abel Knife

Every angler should carry a knife. From trimming line to cutting yourself out of a disastrous situation, a sharp knife is crucial. The Abel knife is as good as it gets.
$24.95 each
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Abel Nipper Lanyard

Keep your Abel Nippers safe and secure with this perfectly thought out lanyard. Made of military grade parachute cord with machined aluminum and stainless steel components.
$50.00 each
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Abel Nippers

The Ultimate Line Nipper! Abel machines each one out of T-6061 aluminum. The jaws are also machined and heat treated to 58-60rc hardness. The jaws are replaceable and come with a limited 2 year warranty.
$620.00 each
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Abel Plier & Knife Combo

The Abel Plier & Knife combo is an angler's dream. The finest fishing pliers available matched with an ultra-sharp knife. All stored in latigo leather sheath with a landyard so you don't lose them. Makes a terrific gift.
$199.95 each
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Alaska Fly Tying Kit

Everything you need to learn how to tie flies! With the contents of this kit, plus a series of instructional videos on our website, you will learn how to tie flies that catch fish in Alaska. Kit includes a vise, tool kit, head cement, hooks, sample flies and all the materials you need to tie the Beadhead Wooly Bugger, Hareball Leech and Clouser Minnow. 
$189.95 each
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Fully Loaded Fishpond Dragonfly Guide Lumbar Pack - Tortuga

Fully Loaded Fishpond Dragonfly pack is the perfect way to buy everything you need for a fully loaded day of fun! The Fully Loaded Hip Pack includes a Tie Fast knot tyer, pliers/forceps, nippers, retractor, tippet holder, hook hone, bottle opener and floatant holder! Save a few bucks when you purchase in the bundle.
$199.95 each
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Fully Loaded Fishpond Summit Sling - Gravel

Fully Loaded with all the gear you'll need for a day on the water. Fully Loaded Sling Pack includes a Tie Fast knot tyer, pliers/forceps, nippers, retractor, tippet holder, hook hone, bottle opener and floatant holder! Save a few bucks when you purchase in the bundle.
$54.95 each
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Hand Crafted Fish Bonker

Hand-crafted fish bonkers made in Juneau, Alaska. For those hatchery fish you decide to haul home.
$19.95 each
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Hook Jaw River Tool

A bottle opener, line cutter and tippet gauge all in one!
$19.95 each
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Nip N Sip

Check out these super groovy double-duty nippers. Stainless steel jaws and grated extra wide thumb pads make snipping line a breeze. Flip them over and open your favorite bottled beverage.
$75.00 each
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Salmon Leather 8-Pocket Bill Fold - Black

A gorgeous salmon skin wallet made in Alaska. Has plenty of room for credit cards, ID, and cash.
$29.95 each
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Salmon Leather Card Case

A classy way to carry your business cards or fishing license. The card wallet is also for the minimalist who likes to carry a credit card, ID, and a little cash in a small package.
$75.00 each
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Salmon Leather Checkbook Wallet

Take a step up from the cheap plastic checkbook cover the bank gives you. This beautifully crafted cover will protect your checks and adds a touch of class.
$65.00 each
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Salmon Leather Fly Wallet - Brown

The salmon leather fly wallet is an incredibly unique gift. Hand-crafted in Alaska, sheepskin lined zippered fly wallet that is sure to be appreciated by any fly angler.
$69.95 each
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Salmon Leather Tri-Fold

The classic Tri-Fold version in our line up of Salmon Leather wallets. Hand made on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

$69.95 each
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Salmon Leather Ultra-Thin Bifold

A perfect bill fold for the minimalist. Room for cash and a few cards while keeping the whole package small. Hand made on Kodiak Island.
$5.95 each
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Thirsty Trout Bottle Opener

We call this our "High Water" steelhead fly. What more could an avid angler ask for? Get one for your boat, your vest, and your fishing buddy!
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