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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

Floating Fly Lines

We stock a full range of floating lines that fish well in Alaska. Whether you are chasing salmon or trout we have a floating line that will get the job done.  Matching up the correct floating line with your specific rod can make all the difference. Not sure what to get?  Simply email us or give us a call at 907-586-1550.

Free Shipping within the U.S. with orders of $200 or more. 

Sink Tip Fly Lines

Sinking tip fly lines and multi-tip (Versi-Tip) fly lines can save the day when fishing Alaska. If water levels are high, the river is swift or fish are holding deep, you'll be glad you have a sink tip to reach them. We are big fans of the Rio Versi-Tip or our custom Alaska Fly Fishing Goods Super Versi-Tip for covering all your bases on an Alaska trip. 

Not sure what to get? Contact us at or 907-586-1550.

Leader and Tippet

Tapered leaders, monofilament and fluorocarbon tippet, and specialty leaders for Alaska. As a rule of thumb, don't use Trout Leaders to fish for salmon or steelhead. Or if you are casting large heavy streamers, a Salmon Steelhead Leader is your best bet. 

Rio Salmon/Steelhead Leaders match up very well with Maxima Ultragreen Tippet or FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Tippet.

Rio Trout Leaders match up with Rio Powerflex Tippet or Rio Fluoroflex tippet.

Sinking Leaders & Polyleaders

Airflo Polyleaders, Rio MOW Tips, Versi Leaders, Custom Cut Tips and Rio T8, T11. T14, T17 and T20. 

Whether you are looking to add some sink tip options to your switch or spey rod or just a create a "poor man's" sink tip for your floating single hand fly line, we have you covered. 

Not sure what to get? Contact us at or 907-586-1550.

Fly Line Accessories

Fly line accessories such as braided leader loops, dacron backing, line cleaner, knot tools and more. 

Free Shipping on orders over $200 within the U.S. 

Switch Lines

Alaska Fly Fishing Goods carries all kinds of switch lines! Skagit Heads. Scandi Heads, Rio's Switch Line and Switch Chucker line, Running Line, Sink Tips, and Single Hand Overhead Lines.

Not sure what to get? Contact us at or 907-586-1550.