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Fly Tying Kit

Check out our Alaska fly tying kits that will teach you how to tie flies that catch fish.

Tie A Dozen Kits

Tie a Dozen Fly Tying Kits are a great and affordable way to fill up your fly boxes and learn to tie new patterns. They include all the materials to tie 12 flies. A complete video with tying instructions is available on our website. 

Feathers and Hackle

We carry a large selection of feathers for tying Alaskan salmon and trout flies. These include marabou, ostrich, saddle hackle, peacock, guinea and more.

Rabbit & Hair

Rabbit fur, bucktails, moose hair, elk hair and more. Many are dyed in vibrant salmon fly colors you won't find anywhere else. 

Chenille & Body Material

We carry a full line of chenilles and flashy body materials for salmon, steelhead and trout flies. 

Flash & Wing Material

We carry a full line of awesome flash and wing materials to tie amazing salmon, steelhead and trout flies. 


Dubbing material for Salmon Flies and Trout Flies.

Egg Yarn

McFly Foam, Egg Veil, McVeil and more items for making Glo Bugs and Egg Patterns.

Eyes, Beads, & Cones

Just about every streamer fly in Alaska benefits from having some weight. We carry the best coneheads, bead heads, barbell eyes and more. 


Fly Tying Hooks for salmon flies, trout flies, saltwater flies, egg patterns, stinger flies, Intruder shanks, and beads.

Thread, Tinsel & Wire

Fly Tying thread, fly tying floss, ribbing wire, flat tinsel, mylar tinsel, lead wire, non lead wire and more.

Misc. Fly Tying

Miscellaneous fly tying items like fly displays, fly drying racks, lights and more.

Tube Fly Supplies

Supplies for tying tube flies. Tube fly vises, tube fly vise attachments, plastic tubes, tube assortments, junction tubing, tube fly cone heads and more.

Tying Organizers

Fly Tying organizers such as Hook Storage Boxes, Tool Caddies, Travel Cases, and more.


Fly tying tools such as bobbins, scissors, bodkins, whip finishers, hair stackers and complete tool kits.


Fly Tying Vises by Renzetti and Griffin. Renzetti Traveler, Renzetti Presentation 2000, Renzetti Tube Fly Vise, Griffin 1a, Griffin 2a and more.

Cement & Adhesive

Fly Tying head cement by Hard as Hull,  Zap-A-Gap, Loon Water-Based Cement, Tear Mender, and more.

Stinger Materials

Stinger hooks, shanks, wire and other connecting material. 


We carry a variety of pre spun dubbing and material brushes from Enrico Puglisi, Cascade Crest Tools and Fair Flies. These brushes are a great way to save time and create consistency when tying salmon and steelhead flies. They can be used to make bodies, collars or even entire patterns.
$4.95 each

Rainbow Brass Cones

The rainbow brass cones are a great way to add a bit of color to your otherwise dull pattern. Spice up a mini llama, wooly bugger, or basic leech pattern with these coneheads. 

Rainbow brass cones come in a 1/4" size. 20 per pack.
$24.95 each

Keogh Saddle Value Pack

Keogh Saddle Hackles are ideal hackles for tying flies ranging from a 4 down to a 22. These value packs are a great way to get your hands on premium hackles without paying high costs.
$3.95 each

Veevus Gel Spun Thread - 100, 150 Denier

Veevus Gel Spun threads are some of the strongest on the market. They are perfect for all of your salmon, trout and steelhead flies. The heavy duty thread allows you to get the best tension on your materials without breaking your thread.
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