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Bead Selections

Here at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods, we carry a large, and ever-expanding, variety of bead selections. These selections include everything you need to hit the water: beads, hooks, pegs, split shot and Thingamabobber Strike Indicators. If you don't see what you need, we can also put together custom, location-specific boxes for you. Please email us and we'll come up with a plan.

Free Shipping within the U.S. with orders of $200 or more.

Guide Model Steelhead Beads

It's no secret that beads are railing steelhead all over the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska is no exception.

Our Guide Model Steelhead Beads come in three varieties:

  1. Our exclusive AFFG Steelhead Beads are sourced from small suppliers and we choose them for their unrivaled fishy colors. You won't find these beads anywhere else. Note that they are not a hand painted bead, but they fish unbelievably well right out of the bag.
  2. Disco Balls are hand painted with 4 coats of finish to give them unrivaled color, depth and durablilty. 
  3. Mark's Metalhead Magnets are hand painted with mulitple coats of nail polish finish and then topped with a clear hard coat. They have amazing color depth and are steelhead slayers. 

All beads are hand painted by Alaskan guides with years of experience and expertise throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Compared to glo bugs, beads are hands down the way to go!

Guide Model Trout Beads

Our exclusive Guide Model Trout Beads are hand painted by local Alaskan guides with several coats of nail polish paint, then clear coated for added durability. The white swirl can only be acheived by hand painting and it adds a huge amount of realism.

Additionally, hand painted beads have a depth and color that is unmatched and they flat out fish better. If you are fishing for rainbows in Alaska during the salmon spawn you owe it to yourself to have some of these.

Mottled Beads

Mottled Troutbeads have a slight mottling top coat that gives them a very realistic look. They have a more natural look and greater color depth in the water. If you are not painting your beads, then buy Mottled Beads and fish them right out of the bag.

Trout Beads

Troutbeads are the original bead. You can fish them right out of the bag or add your own coats of nail polish or paint to take them to the next level. 

Blood Dot Beads

Blood Dot Beads are a Mottled Troutbead with a realistic dot. They fish very well for both trout and steelhead.

Glow Beads

Glow Beads are great attractor beads and are mostly used for steelhead. Although some anglers will use them as a searching pattern for trout, too. You can "charge" them with a camera flash or flashlight and they will give off a faint glow that fish love. 

Bead Hooks & Pegs

Hooks that work well for bead fishing, a variety of bead pegs, Thing-a-ma-bobber strike indicators and more.