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$849.95 each

Echo 3 Trout Switch Package

The 11'0" 5wt. Echo 3 and the Lamson Guru HD switch package is the perfect big trout, char and pink setup. It is great for swinging streamers for trout, indicator fishing out of a boat or chasing pinks off of the beach.
$899.95 each

Echo 3 Salmon & Steelhead Switch Package

The 11'0" Echo 3 8wt. Switch package with Lamson's Guru HD 4 reel is the perfect combo for chasing salmon and steelhead all over the stake of Alaska. Whether "wogging" up silver on the South Central coast, swinging for chums on the Alagnak, this rod package is great for all salmon species.
$399.00 each

Redington Dually 6110-4 Package

The Dually 6110-4 package is perfect for large trout, char, dollies, and pink salmon.
$399.00 each

Redington Dually 4109-4 Package

Two hands are better than one. This package is made for trout, char and grayling along the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and will be a great addition to any fly rod arsenal.
$399.00 each

Redington Dually 8113-4 Package

The Dually 8113-4 is the ideal salmon and steelhead economy switch package. Remember, two hands are better than one!
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