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$849.95 each

Echo 3 Trout Switch Package

The 11'0" 5wt. Echo 3 and the Lamson Guru HD switch package is the perfect big trout, char and pink setup. It is great for swinging streamers for trout, indicator fishing out of a boat or chasing pinks off of the beach.
$399.00 each

Redington Dually 6110-4 Package

The Dually 6110-4 package is perfect for large trout, char, dollies, and pink salmon.
$399.00 each

Redington Dually 4109-4 Package

Two hands are better than one. This package is made for trout, char and grayling along the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and will be a great addition to any fly rod arsenal.
$399.00 each

Redington Dually 8113-4 Package

The Dually 8113-4 is the ideal salmon and steelhead economy switch package. Remember, two hands are better than one!
$1,195.00 each

Echo King Salmon Spey Rod Package

Looking for a king salmon spey rod package that won't fail under the strain of a 40lb Chinook? Look no further. The Echo King rods are smooth and easy to cast and still have the backbone to lay the wood to big angry fish. The Nautilus Silver King reel balances beautifully on these rods, has all the drag you will ever need and picks up 14" of line (!) with every crank. Plus you save over $90 when you buy the package!

Our exclusive Echo King Rod & Reel package includes:
Echo King Spey Rod in your choice of 9 weight or 10 weight.
Nautilus Silver King Reel
30lb Backing
Airflo Ridge Running line
FREE Airflo Skagit G2 Head in either 660 grain for 9 weight or 720 for the 10 weight
FREE Airflo 10 Foot T-10 head
FREE Airflo 10 Foot T-14 head
$1,845.00 each

Sage X Switch "Big Hitter" Package

We've matched the best with the best. Sage's X Series Switch rods are powerful, smooth, crisp and incredibly easy to cast. Add Hatch's Finatic series reels, Rio's Switch Chucker line and full Rio MOW Kit of 10 foot sink tips and you're out the door with perfection. Available in 3 sizes: 6 weight for Trout, 7 weight for All-Around Salmon/Steelhead and the big gun 8 weight for Large Salmon & Steelhead. All three rods are 11 feet.
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