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$16.99 each

Airflo Custom Cut Tips 10'

The 10' Custom Cut Tips from Airflo are perfect for most situations where a short fast tip will get you into the zone. Perfect length when matched with a Skagit Head for Short Spey and Switch rods.
$59.95 each

Airflo Skagit Switch G2

The switch rod line we have been waiting for! At 19.5 - 20', it is shorter than a Skagit Compact and loads fast action switch rods easily. Great for throwing 10'-12' of sink tip. Match it up with a Ridge Running line and it is good to go.
$9.99 each

Airflo 5' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleader

Airflo's Polyleaders are the perfect fit when fishing Skagit and Scandi heads. Five foot Polyleaders are also a great way to add a "sink tip" to your floating single hand line.
$24.99 each

Airflo Custom Cut Tips 20'

Airflo's Custom Cut Tips are great for cutting and creating custom sink tips for your Skagit head. Ideally the 20' in each package can be cut into a 13' & a 7' or two 10' lengths.
$119.95 each

Rio Scandi Versi-Tip 8 Weight

Rio Scandi Versi-Tip Line. 
$75.00 each

Rio Scandi VersiTip Short - Over 35% OFF! #6 370 Grain

Originally $119.95. Next year, Rio is transitioning this line into their In-Touch series. Great line for casting little flies big distances, even better price!
$39.95 each

Rio Grip Shooter Running Line

Grip Shooter Running Line from Rio is one of our top choices when fishing Skagit and Scandi Shooting heads. The coated handling section of this mono running line makes for great casting ease.
$59.99 each

Airflo Rage Compact

Looking for a floating line that cast's like a Skagit? Take a look at the Airflo Rage. Its scandi/skagit hybrid design allows for long casts without needing a heavy sink tip. It casts like a missile into the wind, too! Recommended with Spey or long Switch Rods.
$24.99 each

Airflo Head Bag Storage System

Need a good way to deal with those stinkin' shooting heads for your switch or spey? Look no further. Tim Rajeff designed Airflo's head bag to help organize and maximize your time on the water.
$1.00 each

Airflo Extra Pages for Head Bag System

Extra Pages for Airflo's Head Bag Storage System
$12.95 each

Rio Spey Versi-Leaders

The Versi-Leaders are great lead heads that come in either 6'or 10' lengths. The welded loop on the end makes it easy to attach to your line and the mono on the other end makes adding a short leader a breeze.
$32.99 each

Airflo Scandi Compact - ON SALE!!! 40% OFF

NOW ON SALE!  Was $54.99  Now $32.99

Airflo Scandinavian Compact shooting heads for use with Switch and Spey rods. Great for dry line work with switch rods.
$32.99 each

Airflo Skagit Compact - ON SALE 40% Off - 420 & 720 Grain

ON SALE!!! Was $54.99  Now $32.99

Airflo's Skagit Compact Shooting Heads are perfect for use with long Switch and Spey Rods. They are ideal for casting heavy sink tips and big flies.
$49.99 each

Airflo Ridge Running Line - 30 Lb

Airflo Ridge Running Line is easy to handle and shoots through the guides. If you are looking for a running line that feels like fly line this is the one. A large loop in the front makes changing heads a breeze. Ideal for use with Skagit and Scandi Shooting Heads. Color is Orange. 90 Feet in length. 
$13.99 each
5 5 3 Product

Airflo 10' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleader

Airflo's 10' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleaders can be used with both Skagit or Scandi heads.
$15.99 each

Airflo 14' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleader

Airflo's 14' Salmon/Steelhead Polyleader can be used with Scandi and Skagit Compact heads.
$39.95 each

Rio InTouch T20, T17, T14, T11, T8 Sinking Heads

Need to get down in a hurry? Rio's 30 foot, tungsten core T-series sinking lines are just for you. Great for building short heads.
$99.95 each

Rio InTouch Switch Line

The Rio Switch line is perfect for the person who wishes to effectively fish with indicators out of a drift boat.
$99.95 each
3.6 5 5 Product

Rio InTouch Switch Chucker Line

The Rio Switch Chucker is a hybrid between an indicator line and a spey casting line. This line is perfect for the angler on his feet who wishes to indicator fish in the morning and swing flies in the afternoon.
$24.95 each

Rio MOW Light Tips

Rio's MOW Tips are the ideal way to add a sink tip your switch or spey rod. Light MOW Tips are 10 feet in length, built on a Connect Core low stretch base, feature T-8 (7 ips sink rate) in the sinking portion and come in a variety of sinking combinations. They are looped on both ends and laser labeled for easy identification.

In general Light Tips work well on Skagit lines of 475 Grains and less. Pick individual tips for your needs or get the whole kit so you are covered in every situation. 

From Us:
After years of cutting our own sink tips out of T-8, T-11, etc and having marginal casting success, Rio found a better way. MOW tips are all 10 feet in length. This is beneficial in several ways. First, you need 10 feet of tip on a Skagit line just to keep the anchor from blowing. If you try to add a 5 foot section of T-8 to your Skagit line the anchor won't stay and your cast won't go! Second, MOW tips smoooooth out the whole cast. By having 10 feet to transition from Skagit head to sinking portion your cast will be less apt to tumble and turn your whole rig into a bolo. 

By offering MOW tips in a variety of float/sink configurations, you can dial in specific fishing situations.

Boulder field with steelhead lurking behind rocks? Loop on the 7.5' Float - 2.5' Sink. You now have a mini-probe that lets you add micro sink and not get hung up on every rock in the run. 

Shallow run with a waist deep tail out? The 5 x 5 is your weapon. 

Deep run against the far bank? Try the 2.5' Float - 7.5' Sink. 

MOW Tips are flat out easier to use, cast better and fish more effectively. 

From Rio:
The Light MOW Tips feature T-8, with a sink rate of 7" per second, for the sinking material. Each of these tips has either a white floating section, or if full sinking are a dark red color, for easy identification. The Light MOW Tips are designed for lightly weighted flies and are ideal for Skagit lines of 475 grains and less. There are six unique tips that make up the series.

The MOW Kits contain one of each of the six MOW tips within a family.

All InTouch MOW tips are printed with their size and tip ratio on for easy identification.
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