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$18.95 each

TMC 811S

The TMC 811S is the sharpest saltwater hook we have found. We use it to tie all our Clouser Minnows for salmon. Stainless Steel and straight eye. 25 per pack.
$10.95 each

TMC 9394

The TMC 9394 is a nickel-plated 4X long streamer hook. If short striking fish are an issue, the 9394 will hook them. We tie a lot of our saltwater Dolly and cutthroat flies on these hooks. 25 per pack.
$6.95 each

Daiichi 2553 - Red

The Daiichi 2553 is our favorite octopus-style red hook. It is heavier wire than some of the other brands and is much less likely to straighten out on a big fish. 15 hooks per pack. We tie many of our sockeye flies on this hook.
$9.95 each

TMC 8089 NP

The TMC 8089 NP is great hook for tying surface poppers, mouse patterns and pollywogs. It is a wide gap, fine wire, nickel plated hook that will keep your dries floating high. Note that as a popper hook the gap is larger than usual. The #6 gap is 1/2".
$6.95 each

U401 Stainless Steel Hooks

Looking for a value-priced stainless hook? Check out the U401 from Umpqua. It is made of high grade carbon steel, is chemically sharpened, has a micro-barb for easy flattening, AND cost less than 7 bucks for 25 hooks!  It is also a great "sacrificial front hook" for tying Dolly Llamas or other trailing hook flies.The U401 is a 1x strong, straight eye, stainless steel hook. 25 per pack.

Note: if you are using it as a sacrificial hook for tying #2 Dolly Llamas, get the size 1/0. They have a large enough ring eye to not allow the conehead to slip over them.
$10.95 each

Gamakatsu 1X Strong 90°  Jig Hook "Liquid Wrench"

Gamakatsu's 604 series 90° 1X Strong Jig Hook are the bomb when fished for steelhead and smaller salmon like pinks and silvers.  These are the hooks that we use for our Liquid Wrench steelhead crusher. The 1x wire of these hooks allow for deep penetration when the hook is set. They also make a sweet sacrificial hook in patterns like the Jig-A-Lo.  Quantity: 25 per pack.
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