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$17.95 each

TMC 7999

If you need sharp hooks on your salmon flies, it is hard to beat the TMC 7999. It features an upturned, beautifully tapered loop eye. The point is chemically sharpened and sticky sharp. Forged Black color. 25 hooks per pack.
$10.95 each

TMC 9394

The TMC 9394 is a nickel-plated 4X long streamer hook. If short striking fish are an issue, the 9394 will hook them. We tie a lot of our saltwater Dolly and cutthroat flies on these hooks. 25 per pack.
$7.95 each

TMC 3769

The TMC 3769 is one of our favorite sockeye fly and small steelhead fly hooks. We tie all our Sockeye Lanterns and Lightnings on it. It is forged of 2X heavy wire so it won't bend out. It also features a down eye and sproat bend. 25 per pack.
$7.95 each

Daiichi 1760 Curved Nymph Hook

The Daiichi 1760 Curved Nymph hook is quickly becoming a favorite for steelhead shrimp patterns as well as traditional trout nymphs. It is 2X long and on stout 2X heavy wire. 25 per pack.
$7.95 each

Gamakatsu T106H Black

The 10T6H from Gamakatsu is a chemically sharpened, up eye, tapered loop salmon hook. They are very economically priced for such a good quality hook.
$7.95 each

Gamakatsu T106H Red

The 10T6H from Gamakatsu is a chemically sharpened, up eye, tapered loop salmon hook. They are very economically priced for such a good quality hook. The Red colored hook looks great on Coho Kryptonite, Spankers, and more.
$17.95 each

Gamakatus Finesse Wide Gap

The Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap is a super-sharp hook that we love to use on our strung-out style flies. It features a slight up eye and a deep bend for great holding power. 25 Hooks per pack. .
$6.95 each

Daiichi 2553 - Red

The Daiichi 2553 is our favorite octopus-style red hook. It is heavier wire than some of the other brands and is much less likely to straighten out on a big fish. 15 hooks per pack. We tie many of our sockeye flies on this hook.
$8.95 each

Alec Jackson Spey Hook

Alec Jackson Spey Hooks are considered by many tiers to be the most beautiful and functional salmon fly hooks. They have a perfectly curved shank and tapered loop eye. 10 hooks per pack.
$11.95 each

Gamakatsu Octopus Black

The Octopus Hook is a killer stinger hook as well as salmon fly hook. It has an off set point and an up eye. 25 hooks per pack.
$6.50 each

Daiichi 2141 Salmon Hook

The Daiichi 2141 is a heavy wire, straight eye salmon hook. They are ideal for Starlite Leeches and other flies where a straight eye is desired. The limerick bend keeps hooked fish on the line. 10 hooks per pack.
$10.95 each

Gamakatsu 1X Strong 90°  Jig Hook "Liquid Wrench"

Gamakatsu's 604 series 90° 1X Strong Jig Hook are the bomb when fished for steelhead and smaller salmon like pinks and silvers.  These are the hooks that we use for our Liquid Wrench steelhead crusher. The 1x wire of these hooks allow for deep penetration when the hook is set. They also make a sweet sacrificial hook in patterns like the Jig-A-Lo.  Quantity: 25 per pack.
$8.95 each
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L11S-3H Salmon Stinger Hook "Dolly Llama"

The Gamakatsu L11S-3H Salmon Stinger Hook is a wicked, stout, sharp hook that works wonders as a trailer hook for patterns like the Dolly Llama. 3x strong wire helps ensure that it will hold on the biggest of fish.  This is the trailer hook we prefer for our Dolly Llamas and other similar patterns. These hooks also work great as a tube fly hook.

Quantity: 20 per pack.
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