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$3.95 each
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Coneheads - Nickel Silver

When your streamer, sculpin, leech or deep-running minnow needs more weight than a bead head, cone heads are just the ticket.
$5.95 each

Cross Eyed Cones

Cross Eyed Cones will get your flies down deep and the recessed area will accept 3-D or Prismatic Eyes. Come in Nickel or Black. 10 per pack. 
$6.95 each

Tungsten Cones - Silver

Extra heavy Tungsten Cones offer the most "drop" for the size. Color is Silver. 

Small is 3.5mm and fits hook sizes #8 - #12. 16 cones per pack.
Medium is 4mm and fits #4 - #10. 14 cones per pack.
Large is 4.8mm and fits #1 - #6. 12 cones per pack.
$5.95 each

Hot Cones

Hot Cones have a baked-on enamel finish and are much more durable than a painted cone. These make awesome "Hot Cone" Egg Sucking Leeches and buggers. Size is 1/4" which fits #2 - #6 hooks perfectly. 15 cones per pack. Colors are Hot Pink, Chartreuse Green, and Hot Orange.
$3.95 each

Coneheads - Gold

Gold Coneheads give great action, weight and shine to salmon and trout patterns. We especially like them on patterns such as Alaskabous to take them to the next level. 24 cones per pack.

Notes on selecting a size:
the 3/16" is for trout flies,
the 1/4" is the standard size for conehead salmon flies like Popsicles, Kandy Kanes, Alaskabous, as well as #6 Dolly Llamas.
$4.95 each

"Dolly Llama" Coneheads - 3/8"

Ready to tie your go to salmon or steelhead Dolly Llama? Now you can do it up with fancy colored cones! The 3/8" cones are perfect for #2 and #4 Dolly Llamas. 15 per pack.
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