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$14.95 each

Stonfo Roto Dubbing Tool

The Stonfo Roto Dubbing Tool is a split wire, ball bearing dubbing twister. Simply place the dubbing in the thread loop, and while holding the tool steady, spin the knurled dubbing wheel with your thumb. Comes with complete instructions. A dubbing loop makes adding shaggy long materials to your salmon flies relatively easy. 
$5.95 each

Hareline Touch Dub Dubbing Wax

Hareline's Touch Dub is a super tacky wax that is great for larger flies and buggier dubbing materials.
$7.95 each

Stonfo Pettine Dubbing Comb and Brush

This combo tool combines a small-toothed comb and a Velcro brush. It is great for combing hairs and teasing out dubbing, This high quality brush offers maximum durability and control and allows you to finish your flies by manipulating your materials to look precisely as you’d like them to on your creations.
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