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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

$2.50 each

Lite Brite Dubbing

Our favorite flashy dubbing. We use it on all kinds of salmon and steelhead flies. Litebrite is very finely shredded mylar and comes in vibrant colors. It dubs nicely and can be picked out to look super buggy.
$2.25 each

Psuedo Seal Dubbing

Pseudo Seal Dubbing is a 100% synthetic blend of 4 fibers. It is very soft, has a lustrous sheen and is easy to work with. Blend some with Lite Brite to give your salmon and steelhead flies extra pop!
$2.75 each

Senyo's Laser Dub

Laser Dub is one of our favorite salmon fly dubbings. Its vibrant colors make awesome bodies, collars or overdubbing for lead eyes.
$5.95 each

Hareline Touch Dub Dubbing Wax

Hareline's Touch Dub is a super tacky wax that is great for larger flies and buggier dubbing materials.
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