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$2.95 each

Angel Hair

Angel Hair is a very fine and very flashy wing material. It is ideal for baitfish imitations, Clouser Minnows, or chopped up and mixed with your favorite dubbing. It is slightly uneven in length and runs 6"-8".
$3.95 each

Fish Hair - 70 Denier

Fish Hair is the best substitute there is for natural bucktail. We use it in our Salmon Fry andHumpy Hooker flies. It is easy to work with, very durable, and sinks quickly. 4" Length.
$5.95 each

Craft Fur

Craft Fur is a super supple streamer hair that makes great baitfish and streamer patterns. This is the longest and fullest hair we have found. We use it in our Coho-A-Go-Go flies as well as fry imitations. Craft fur hair averages 2 1/2" - 3" in length. Each package has a  5" X 5" Patch.
$5.95 each

Steve Farrar Blend Hair

SF Blend Hair is a terrific combination of wing material and subtle flash. You can tie awesome baitfish patterns as well as bright attractor patterns for salmon.
$6.95 each

Faux Bucktail

Faux Bucktail by Flymen Co is one of our shop favorite tying materials. The synthetic material is a scent-less, practically weight-less, tapered fly tying synthetic that is great for tying flies such as the clouser minnow, building brushes, and building large streamers.
$6.50 each

Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe

Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe is a very interesting material with a lot of different tying capabilities. The material comes in the same variety of colors as the ever popular Hareline Dubbin Ice Dubbing, although the material itself is a mixture of both Angel hair and Ice Dubbing. It is fused together at one end which makes it easy to use. This material is great for creating wings on baitfish patterns and streamers, as well as you can use the scraps to create lush brushes and dubbing loops.
$5.95 each

Blue Fox Tail - Arctic Fisherman

Blue Fox Tail makes wonderfully supple tails and wings on salmon and trout flies. It also can be put in a dubbing loop and made into a collar. All colors have dark tips. i.e. the pink is mostly pink in color with dark brownish tips.
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