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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

$5.50 each

New Age Krinkle Flash

New Age Krinkle Flash comes in great Alaska colors and perfectly matches the super-popular New Age Chenille.
$4.95 each

Krystal Flash

If there is one flash material you must have it is Krystal Flash! Its fine, crinkly texture reflects light in all directions. By far the most popular material to add to wings or tails to give them some life.
$5.75 each

Flashabou - Glo-in-the-Dark

Glo in the Dark Flashabou is the wing material of choice for Everglow flies. This material can be "charged" with a light or camera flash and will glow. Deadly in low light for steelead, kings, and more.
$5.75 each

Flashabou - Saltwater

Saltwater Flashabou is about twice as wide as standard Flashabou and has a little more crinkle to it. Great for larger baitfish patterns. Check out the Pearl if you need long pieces of flash for tying Dolly Llamas
$5.95 each

Mirage Flashabou

Mirage Flashabou is our favorite material for adding flash to baitfish patterns. Only a few strands are needed to give a Clouser Minnow a blast of light that predatory fish can't resist!
$5.95 each

Steve Farrar Blend Hair

SF Blend Hair is a terrific combination of wing material and subtle flash. You can tie awesome baitfish patterns as well as bright attractor patterns for salmon.
$5.75 each

Fire Fly Flash

Firefly is very thin and wispy flash that we love for wings. It looks amazing in baitfish flies as well as salmon and steelhead attractor patterns.
$5.95 each

Flashabou - Lateral Scale

Lateral Scale is the original Dolly Llama flash material. It is similar in width to Saltwater Flashabou and has an embossed perpendicular barring that gives it a great look.
$4.95 each


Flashabou is a limp, easy to tie with, material that is a mainstay in salmon flies. Great for tails, wings, bodies and more.
$6.25 each

Fish Scale

This material is a fantastic fiber and flash combo for any baitfish patterns you are tying.
$8.95 each
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EP UV Gamechange Blend

The EP Gamechange blend is the perfect material for tying your standard bait fish pattern, Clouser Minnow, wing material, or building your own brushes and dubbing loops.
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