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$2.95 each

Diamond Braid

Diamond Braid is a sparkly low-profile body material that really makes flies "pop." Ideal for patterns such as Flash Flies, shrimp patterns, Montana Bills, Money Bugs and more. 4 Yards per package.
$2.95 each

Edge Brite

Edge Brite, AKA Laser Wrap, is a thin flexible body materials that is used for Lantern-style flies. Cut it into thin strips and wrap it over the top of flat silver tinsel for a great glowing fly. We use this in our Sockeye Lantern.
$2.95 each

Sculpin Wool

Sculpin Wool is a thick, yarny material that is used for making sculpin heads. Clumps of wool are tied in, spun, and trimmed to make heads. Great for woolhead sculpins and buggy streamers. 
$5.95 each

Tapered & Cupped Popper Bodies

These Tapered & Cupped Popper Bodies are pre-slotted to fit your hook and are ideal for trout and Dolly flies. They are 3/4" long and have a 1/2" diameter face. They are made of injection-molded hard foam and there are 10 per pack.  
$1.95 each

Thin Fly Foam - 2mm

Flat foam is just the ticket for tying topwater flies such as Technowogs and Gurglers. This foam is closed cell and 2mm thick. Two sheets per package.
$8.50 each
5 5 1 Product

EP UV Gamechange Blend

The EP Gamechange blend is the perfect material for tying your standard bait fish pattern, Clouser Minnow, wing material, or building your own brushes and dubbing loops.
$8.95 each
5 5 1 Product

EP Anadromous Brush - 2.5"

This brush creates excellent salmon and steelhead fly patterns. It can also be used in large bait fish and salt water fly patterns alike.
$8.95 each
5 5 1 Product

EP Foxy Brush - 3"

If you are looking for a painless way to create great brush to build a prop on a salmon or steelhead fly this Foxy Brush is perfect.
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