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$2.50 each

Chenille - Medium

Medium Chenille is the standard material for Wooly Bugger and salmon fly bodies. Color fast dye won't wash out. The Fl. Shell Pink is our go to color for Egg Sucking Leech heads. 
$2.50 each

New Age Chenille Medium

New Age Chenille adds killer sparkle to your salmon flies and comes in perfect Alaska colors. We like this material more every year! This is the same material used in all of our lead-eye Egg Sucking Leeches.
$3.50 each

Cactus Chenille - Large

Cactus Chenille in Large is our choice for large salmon fly bodies. Use this for Coho Kryptonite, Spankers, Hareball Leeches and more.
$3.95 each

UV Polar Chenille

We use UV Polar Chenille on Party Girls, UV Hareball Leeches and many other flies. It adds bulk, movement and flash to your flies without adding weight. Tie it in just like chenille and wrap it forward. Very easy to work with and flies tied with it fish beautifully. 3 Yards per package.
$2.95 each

Diamond Braid

Diamond Braid is a sparkly low-profile body material that really makes flies "pop." Ideal for patterns such as Flash Flies, shrimp patterns, Montana Bills, Money Bugs and more. 4 Yards per package.
$3.50 each

Cactus Chenille - Medium

Medium Cactus Chenille is best on smaller salmon and trout flies where you want the flash and texture but you don't need the bulk of Large Cactus Chenille.
$2.25 each

Uni Yarn

Uni Yarn is a very smooth yarn that is ideal for salmon and steelhead flies. It makes very nice tags or yarn bodies. If Medium Chenille is too bulky of a look then give Uni Yarn a try. The colors are very vibrant and won't run or fade.
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