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$6.95 each
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Guinea Feathers - Strung

These are some of the nicest quality strung Guinea Feathers we have found. They fold nicely and make beautiful mottled collars on salmon and steelhead flies.
$3.95 each

Teal Flank - Natural

Teal Flank is slightly smaller than mallard flank but the barring on it is much bolder and cleaner. Useful on salmon flies as a wing or wrapped as a collar.
$4.95 each

Barred Wood Duck

Barred Wood Duck makes beautiful classic salmon fly wings. The lemon-yellow feather with black and white tips is very dramatic. Each package comes with 3 Left feathers and 3 Rights.
$4.95 each

Bronze Mallard

Beautiful flowing feathers with a nice light/dark aspect make Bronze Mallard a favorite for fly wings or collars. Approximately 10 left and 10 right feathers per pack.
$6.50 each

Golden Pheasant Tippets

Complete Golden Pheasant Tippet makes striking tails and wings on salmon flies.
$2.95 each

Peacock Body Feathers

The beautiful blue/green color of Peacock Body Feathers are ideal for cheeks on salmon flies or collars on small flies. 10 feathers per package.
$9.95 each

Golden Pheasant Complete Head & Crest

A complete Golden Pheasant Head and Crest for salmon flies. Golden Pheasant Crests make beautiful tails and toppings on salmon flies. The Tippets are ideal for tails and wings.
$16.95 each

Golden Pheasant Complete Skin with Head

A complete Golden Pheasant Skin with Head. This is perfect for the tyer who want the whole range of feathers from a golden pheasant. Does not include tail feathers.
$3.25 each

Mallard Flank

Mallard Flank, both Natural Gray and Dyed,  is very useful for throats, tails, collars and more.
$6.95 each
4.66667 5 3 Product


Schlappen feathers are wide and webby and make awesome salmon flies. The individual barbs are much softer than standard hackle and flow enticingly in the water. Great for hackling or wrapping collars.
$5.95 each
5 5 2 Product

Select Saddle Hackle

Our Select Saddle Hackle is very good quality long strung hackles. Feathers are between 5"-7" in length and are ideal for tying big Alaska patterns or saltwater flies. Approximately 1/4 oz. per package.
$12.95 each

Rhea Plume

These rhea plumes are perfect for tying intruder and spey patterns. They have great length, body and color.
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