Alaska's Premier                                                              Fly Fishing Source

Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

$6.95 each

Mottled Oak Turkey

Mottled Oak Turkey feathers are perfect for tying beautiful wings. These matched pairs can be used for salmon flies, muddler wings, nymph wing cases and more.
$3.25 each

Mallard Flank

Mallard Flank, both Natural Gray and Dyed,  is very useful for throats, tails, collars and more.
$3.95 each

Teal Flank - Natural

Teal Flank is slightly smaller than mallard flank but the barring on it is much bolder and cleaner. Useful on salmon flies as a wing or wrapped as a collar.
$4.95 each

Barred Wood Duck

Barred Wood Duck makes beautiful classic salmon fly wings. The lemon-yellow feather with black and white tips is very dramatic. Each package comes with 3 Left feathers and 3 Rights.
$4.95 each

Bronze Mallard

Beautiful flowing feathers with a nice light/dark aspect make Bronze Mallard a favorite for fly wings or collars. Approximately 10 left and 10 right feathers per pack.
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