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$84.95 each
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CCG- Brushable Kit

CCG's Brushable kit is a great way to get started with Clear Cure Goo. The kit includes three bottles of CCG and comes with CCG's standard curing light.
$19.95 each
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CCG- Hydro Clear Cure Goo

Hydro Clear is easy to use, cures quickly, and is very efficient.
$59.95 each
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CCG- Pro Curing Light

Be sure to use the Pro Curing Light with all Clear Cure Goo products to prevent material yellowing, cracking or chipping. This lamp is 3 times more powerful than the standard light!
$17.95 each
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CCG- Tack Free Brushable

The CCG Tack Free Brushable cures clear, and it does not cure until you set it with the CCG light. In just 5-30 seconds you have a wonderful seal on any streamer or popper heads.
$12.95 each
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CCG- Thick Clear Cure Goo

The CCG Thick allows you to create the fullest bait-fish and saltwater streamer heads very easily.
$12.95 each
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CCG- Thin Clear Cure Goo

If you have ever tried to get that perfect poxy back look on a salmon fry pattern or small nymph this product will easily get the job done.
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