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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source


Fly Tying bobbins by TMC, Griffin, C&F, Rite Bobbin and more. Buy quality and you'll enjoy it for years. 


Fly Tying scissors by Dr. Slick, TMC, Ice, MP, and more. Buy quality scissors and they will last longer!

Other Tools

Fly tying tools such as whip finishers, hair stackers, hackle gages, bodkins, dubbing tools, and more.

Tool Kits

Complete fly tying tools kits that include bobbin, scissor, bodkin, whip finisher, hair stacker and more.
$3.95 each

Vise Fly Rack

This foam fly rack will fit any vise stem and stays out of the way while tying. A great way to hold flies as the head cement dries. Each rack contains 16 slits. 2 per pack.
$89.95 each

Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit

Loon's Fly Tying Kit is a great way to get all of the tools needed to perform your fly tying needs. Loaded with Loon's line up of ergonomic tying tools, simply put... this kit is awesome. Whether you are just starting out, a seasoned tier looking to add or replace old tools or looking for a great kit for travel; Loon's tying kit is a great option.
$59.95 each

Loon UV Infiniti Light - Rechargeable Curing Light

Loon's UV Infinity Light is a torch when it comes to UV resin curing lights. This rechargeable light cures all of Loon's UV resins in 15 seconds or less (as well as most other UV resins). Utilizing a micro USB cord (included) to a USB wall charger (not included), the light can be charged at any wall outlet. No need to hassle with changing batteries every couple of tying hours!
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