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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

$89.00 each
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Fishpond Road Trip Fly Tying Bag

The Road Trip Fly Tying Bag is a compact travel kit that is ready when you are. Nicely designed to accommodate your vise, tools, thread, materials and more.
$179.95 each
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Fishpond Tomahawk Fly Tying Kit

Fishpond has redesigned their big-boy fly tying bag to be soft-sided and even more useful.
$9.95 each
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Large Hook, Eye, & Bead Organizer

Tired of never knowing how many hooks you have left or where those 5/32" eyes went? Get one (or a few) of these boxes and get organized. They feature curved bottoms for easy retrieval of items and solid construction so your hooks don't "migrate." The Large Box has 21 compartments and measures 10.5" X 7" X 1.5".
$8.95 each
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Medium Hook, Eye & Bead Organizer

A good smaller, travel-size box for organizing hooks, beads, eyes and more. Solid construction will keep items from "migrating" in the box. Curved bottom for easy access. 20 Compartments. 
$3.95 each
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Vise Fly Rack

This foam fly rack will fit any vise stem and stays out of the way while tying. A great way to hold flies as the head cement dries. Each rack contains 16 slits. 2 per pack.
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