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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source


Fly Tying thread for salmon flies and trout flies. Danville, Uni, Kevlar and more.


Fly tying floss such as Danville 4-Strand Floss and Uni Yarn. 

Lead Wire

Fly Tying wire made of lead and non-lead substitute. Ideal for using under bodies to add weight to your flies. 

Tinsel & Wire

Ribbing wire, flat tinsel, Intruder wire, Ultra Wire and mylar tinsel.
$3.50 each

Veevus 140 Power Thread

They don't call it Power Thread for nothing! Veevus 140 is a great alternative to Danville's Flat Waxed Nylon. It lays smaller, and is super strong for when you are tying on your eyes and cones to salmon and steelhead flies.
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