Alaska's Premier                                                              Fly Fishing Source

Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

Salmon Fly Hooks

Salmon Fly Hooks such as TMC 7999,  Gamakatsu T10-6H, Alec Jackson, Daiichi 2553 and more.

Trout Fly Hooks

Fly Tying Hooks for trout flies such as TMC 5263, TMC 5262, TMC 200R, TMC 3769, TMC 101 and more.

Saltwater Hooks

Fly Tying Hooks for saltwater such as TMC 811S, TMC 9394, TMC 8089 NP, Trey Combs Big Game Hook. All these are either stainless steel or nickle plated hooks.

Egg Hooks

Fly Tying hooks for egg patterns and Glo Bugs such as TMC 105, Owner SSW and Gamakatsu C14S.

Stinger Hooks & Waddingtons

Fly Tying Hooks for stinger style flies and Waddington shanks. Stinger hooks such as Owner SSW Cutting Point, Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap, Gamakatsu C14S and more.

Other Hooks

A variety of fly tying Jig Hooks from TMC, Gamakatsu, Spirit River. Plus Nickel-Plated popper hooks and more.