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Fly Tying Eyes such as Dazl Eyes, Real Eyes Plus, I-Balz, Bead Chain Eyes, Living Eyes, Prismatic Stick On Eyes, 3 D Stick On Eyes, and more.

Bead Heads

Fly Tying Bead Heads such as Brite Beads, Hot Beads, Tungsten Beads, Fish Skulls, Sculpin Helmets and more.

Cone Heads

Fly Tying Cone Heads such as Brass Cones, Tungsten Cones, Cross Eyed Cones and Hot Cones. We carry Silver Cones in the mega-sizes you need to tie Dolly Llamas. 
$4.95 each

Rainbow Brass Cones

The rainbow brass cones are a great way to add a bit of color to your otherwise dull pattern. Spice up a mini llama, wooly bugger, or basic leech pattern with these coneheads. 

Rainbow brass cones come in a 1/4" size. 20 per pack.
$5.50 each

Fish Skull Fish Mask

The Fish Skull Fish Mask from Flyman Fishing Company are a great way to easily add eyes to streamers and baitfish patterns, both big and small. Fish Mask were designed as an alternative to using epoxy to build up heads with eyes. To use these masks simply tie the fly that you would like to add eyes to. Choose the right size Fish Mask and Living Eyes or other adhesive eye to match and the fly pattern. Place a drop or two of zap-a-gap or super glue on the head of the fly, slide the Fish Mask on over the hook eye and seat it onto the fly head. From there, you are ready to roll.

Fish Skull Fish Mask sizes match up with the same size Fish Skull Living Eyes. For example, a size 6 Fish Mask matches with size 6 Living Eyes. Not using Living Eyes, no problem. The Fish Mask sizing correlates to the size of adhesive eye in mm, meaning a 10mm adhesive eye fits onto a size 10 Fish Mask.

Quantity of Masks per pack: #3 (12); #4, #5 (10); #6, #7, #8.5 (8); #10, #15 (6)
$5.95 each

Rainy's Pee-Wee Pops

During the spring and early summer, various species of juvenile salmon, called smolt, make the great migration from freshwater to saltwater. These small salmon travel in large schools as they try to find refuge in numbers. Along this journey, they are met by voracious predators including trout and char. These trout and char love to push these small salmon to the surface where they will slash through the school, forcing the smolt to "bust" the surface trying to escape. We call this the Smolt Bust. Throwing poppers and sliders designed to look like salmon smolt is a very exciting way to crush trout and char on topwater.  Using Rainy's Pee-Wee Pops is essential to creating Popping and Sliding Smolt. Use them with long shank hooks steamer hooks or tie them stinger style, either way you'll have too much fun busting smolt for trout!

*White only
**6 heads per pack
$6.95 each

Aqua Intruder Eyes

Check out these sweet dumbell eyes from Aqua Flies. These are the same eyes they use on their Intruders and Mini Intruders and the fluorescent colors are really eye popping. They are constructed of brass with a powder coating and come in 4 killer colors and 2 sizes. 20 eyes per pack.
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