Alaska's Premier                                                              Fly Fishing Source

Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source


Fly Tying Eyes such as Dazl Eyes, Real Eyes Plus, I-Balz, Bead Chain Eyes, Living Eyes, Prismatic Stick On Eyes, 3 D Stick On Eyes, and more.

Bead Heads

Fly Tying Bead Heads such as Brite Beads, Hot Beads, Tungsten Beads, Fish Skulls, Sculpin Helmets and more.

Cone Heads

Fly Tying Cone Heads such as Brass Cones, Tungsten Cones, Cross Eyed Cones and Hot Cones. We carry Silver Cones in the mega-sizes you need to tie Dolly Llamas. 
$4.95 each

Rainbow Brass Cones

The rainbow brass cones are a great way to add a bit of color to your otherwise dull pattern. Spice up a mini llama, wooly bugger, or basic leech pattern with these coneheads. 

Rainbow brass cones come in a 1/4" size. 20 per pack.
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