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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source


We carry the best chenille and body materials for tying Alaskan trout and salmon flies. Chenille, Fluorescent Chenille, Cactus Chenille, New Age Chenille, Diamond Braid, UV Polar Chenille and more.

Body Tubing

Mylar Tubing, Everglow Tubing, EZ Body, and more for creating realistic minnow patterns and salmon fly bodies. 

Bodies & Foam

We carry Diamond Braid, Popper Bodies, Edge Brite, Sculpin Wool and more. 
$2.50 each

Rubber Legs - Round

Rubber Legs add an enticing wiggle to your fly. Check these out on the Money Bug, one of our favorite Alaska steelhead flies.
$3.95 each
3.2 5 5 Product

Crazy Legs - Hot Tipped & Regular

Crazy Legs are the best silicone legs we have seen. Whether used as a lightweight skirt, collar on stinger-style steelhead flies, or as a tail material, Crazy Legs make a hot looking fly. Plus the silicone doens't deteriorate as quickly as rubber legs so your flies will last longer. 
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