Alaska's Premier                                                              Fly Fishing Source

Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source


Marabou feathers including Spey Marabou and Blood Quill Marabou in great Alaskan salmon, steelhead and trout colors. Many of these colors you won't find anywhere else. 


Ostrich Plumes with long wavy fibers in great colors for salmon and steelhead flies.


Peacock herl, peacock eyes, peacock brush, and peacock body feathers.


Golden Pheasant, crests, tippets, and full skins. 


Feathers from mallard, teal, and other waterfowl. These make great salmon fly and trout fly wings. 


Salmon & Spey

Feathers for tying salmon and Spey flies along with Classic Salmon Fly substitutes for hard to find feathers.

Dry Fly Materials

Hackle, feathers, hair and more for making dry flies.