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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

$3.99 each

Mottled Glow Roe Trout Bead

Mottled Glow Roe is a good dead egg to imitate chum and king eggs. It has a much more translucence than solid dead egg colors like Cotton Candy or Peach Fuzz. A really nice bead. 
$3.99 each

Mottled Fluor Orange Trout Bead

Mottled Fluorescent Orange is an awesome attractor bead and one of our "Go-To" beads when we don't know what the fish want to eat.
$3.99 each
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Mottled Natural Roe Trout Bead

Mottled Natural Roe needs to be in your bead box. It is one of the original Troutbead colors and is as good a fresh egg bead as you will find. A top steelhead producer, too. 
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