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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

$2.49 each

Peach Roe Trout Bead

Oh my, these are deadly behind spawning chums. If you like Peachy King or Glo Roe, you will love Peach Roe. Greasy, shiny and pale peach/orange in color, these are one of our new favorite colors. Killer steelhead bead, too.
$2.49 each

Peach Pearl Trout Bead

Peach Pearl is a good dead egg imitation with a little shine to help it stand out. One of the original steelhead colors, too. 
$2.49 each
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Natural Roe Trout Bead

Natural Roe is a classic fresh egg imitation that fishes well anytime during the spawn. This is one of the original Troutbead colors and fishes as well as ever. A go to color if you're painting beads, too. 
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