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$54.95 each

Southeast Alaska & Kodiak Medium Bead Selection

New & Improved with even better beads! This bead selection is ideal for fishing behind pinks and chums or the occasional pair of kings. Great for rainbows, dollies and cutthroat on smaller rivers and streams. This selection is particularly effective on Kodiak Island and in Southeast Alaska.
$74.95 each

Great Lakes Steelhead Bead Selection

Nothing slays Great Lakes steelhead like beads. In this selection we put together the absolute best colors and sizes of beads. Then we added split shot, hooks in two sizes, pegs and put it in a tough compartmentalized box.
$89.95 each

Bristol Bay - Bead Selection

If you are fishing Bristol Bay from mid-July through the end of the season, these are the beads you need. The selection includes 6mm, 8mm and 10mm beads that cover what trout want to eat during the spawn.
$89.95 each
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Kenai Deluxe Large Bead Selection

The Kenai Deluxe Large Bead Selection is chock full of killer Blood Dot and Mottled beads for rainbows and Dollies on the Kenai and surrounding rivers and tributaries. This box is money for rivers like the Naknek and other Bristol Bay drainages too.
$69.95 each

Steelhead Bead Selection

Whether you are fishing the Situk River in Yakutat, Southeast Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula or Kodiak, our Steelhead Bead Selection is what you need. The Steelhead Selection includes a variety of AFFG Steelhead Beads in 10 and 12mm, Mottled Trout Beads in 10 and 12mm and Glow Beadz in 10mm.This exclusive collection of beads, along with hooks, pegs, and indicators, are proven steelhead killers.
$59.95 each

Kenai Medium Bead Selection

The Kenai Medium Bead Selection is hand picked for anglers targeting large Bows and Dollies in the Kenai River and its tributaries. This box is stuffed with Mottled and Blood Dot beads that do not need to be painted.
$79.95 each

Southeast Alaska & Kodiak Large Bead Selection

The SE Kodiak Large Assortment is a more comprehensive selection that is ideal box for SE Alaska, Kodiak Island and other Alaska rivers that have large runs of Pink and Chums and the occasional pair of spawning Kings. A great all around box of 8mm & 10mm beads.
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