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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

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Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack - 30% OFF!

Is it a vest or is it a pack? The versitility is endless. You have pockets and gadgets everywhere you turn on the Gore Range Tech Pack, which makes storing all of your fly boxes, tools and accessories for your next adventure on the water. 
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Fishpond Elk River Vest - Small Fit - 30% OFF!

Fishpond says this vest is for children, but we find that it works very well for anyone with a smaller build. Now you will not find yourself trying to re-adjust a baggy vest all day long- this slick and stylish vest is great for on the water adventures. 
$62.95 each
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Fishpond Flint Hills Vest- Clay - 30% OFF!

The Flint Hills vest is the traditional fly fishing vest. With pockets, cord loops, and tabs for maximum storage, if you are looking for a simple vest for under $100, the Flint Hills is a great choice for you.
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