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$29.95 each

Studs - Simms Hard Bite Boot Studs

Easily convert Simms Streamtread soles into studded soles. The hardened steel in these studs is far tougher than any old sheet metal screws. Carbide gripper pellets are welded to the studs for added traction and durability.
$179.95 each

Simms Women's Vapor Boot

A quality wading boot made with women in mind. The Women's Vapor Boot by Simms has a narrower sole than a men's boot, so they fit a woman's foot like it should. Once you put on a pair of Women's Vapors, you'll never go back to another over-sized mens boot! 
$21.95 each
5 5 1 Product

Studs - Alumabite Cleat - 10 Pack

Aluminum is softer than carbide and is incredibly grippy. You can almost feel these cleats adhere to rocks when you are wading. They do wear a little faster than carbide, but you may find the traction is worth it.
$2.25 each

Studs - Alumabite Cleats - Individually

Don't want a whole pack of Alumabite Cleats? Buy them individually.
$229.95 each

Simms G3 Guide Boot - Vibram Sole

The best all-around boot on the market. This boot is designed for anglers who need maximum comfort and support while hiking, wading, and fishing. The G3 Boot has covered more miles in Alaska than any other wading boot around, and for good reason - they can handle the terrain and keep you comfortable doing it.
$179.95 each

Simms Vapor Boot - Streamtred Sole

The Vapor Boot takes light weight hiking to a new level. These boots are designed for hitting the trail, exploring new secret spots, bushwhacking, and wading.  Simms has bulked up the outside of the VaporTread sole on this boot for more stability while hiking and created a hybrid sole that is the best of a wading boot and a hiking boot.
$149.95 each

Simms Freestone Boot - Vibram Sole

If you want ankle support, durability, and traction at a great price check out the Freestone Boot. It is a steady boot to trek around in all day long, and gives you mobility to venture down slippery creeks, and moss covered logs.
$29.95 each

Studs - Simms Star Cleats - 10 Pack

Developed specifically for use with StreamTread wading boot soles, the HardBite Star Cleats offer the best stud solution for added stability in difficult wading conditions. Use separately or in combination with HardBite Studs.
$2.50 each

Studs - Simms Star Cleats - Individually

Don't need a full 10 pack? We sell them individually, too. Each stud comes with a mounting screw.
$89.95 each

Redington Palix Boot

The Palix boot is a good option if you are looking for an inexpensive boot to get you through the season. 
$109.95 each

Redington Women's Willow Boot

The Willow is a great option if you are looking for a pair of wading boots for under $100. 
$79.95 each

Redington Crosswater Youth Boot

The boot that every kid wants and needs for wading. Made to fit children's feet, the boots provide support and stability while wading and fishing.
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