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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

$1.00 each

Airflo Extra Pages for Head Bag System

Extra Pages for Airflo's Head Bag Storage System
$24.99 each

Airflo Head Bag Storage System

Need a good way to deal with those stinkin' shooting heads for your switch or spey? Look no further. Tim Rajeff designed Airflo's head bag to help organize and maximize your time on the water.
$7.95 each

Rio Agent X - Fly Line Dressing

Fly line dressing from the folks who know fly lines. The included cleaning pad is great for removing salt build up, dirt, algae, and other nasty stuff.
$5.95 each

Rio Braided Loops

We really like Rio's braided loops for creating lead heads such as T11 or T14. Attach to your fly line with either super glue or a nail knot. 3 sizes to choose from. 4 per pack.
$9.95 each

Rio 20 lb Dacron Backing

In Alaska you actually need this stuff!
$9.95 each
5 5 2 Product

Tie Fast Knot Tyer

The best nail knot tyer you have ever seen! Quickly attach leaders or backing to fly line, snell hooks and more. Clear instructions are included. Tie the nail knot, needle nail knot, snells and egg loops, nail knot splices, and more.
$8.95 each

Fishpond Tippet Spool Cord

This unique tippet spool cord will hold up to 6 of your factory standard tippet spools. It is flexible, Simple, and no fuss.
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