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$84.95 each

Rio InTouch StreamerTip - 10 Foot Type 6 Sink Tip

This is our favorite sink tip line for Alaska. The short, heavy head loads quickly and at short range, is easy to mend, and gets down in the strike zone quickly. The density compensated tip makes strike detection easier.
$239.95 each

Super-Versi Tip Line

The In Touch Super Versi Tip line ensures you will be covered in every fishing situation. Each line comes with Rio's four standard heads plus we have cherry-picked additional MOW tips & heads to give you the ultimate line set up. If you are planning a float trip or are fishing where water conditions can be unpredictable, this line is for you. An AFFG exclusive.
$169.95 each

Rio InTouch VersiTip II

The InTouch VersiTip II should be called the Alaskan Special. With four 15' tips of varying sink rate, you are ready for any fishing situation. This line is easy to cast and very versatile. Plus, each tip has loops on both ends for easy rigging.
$89.95 each

Rio InTouch OutBound Short - Type 6 Fast Sink Tip Line

If you are fishing where you need to get deep to reach big fish this is the line. The head portion of the line is 30 feet of Type 6 sink tip. It will easily get you down 10, 20, 30+ feet deep. Plus it casts like a dream. 

From Us:
We love the Outbound Short for fishing off the beach for kings or silvers, or in larger rivers where dropping your fly through heavy current is mandatory. This line is the best out there for turning over big flies and when you let it go it really flies! Plus the ultra-low stretch in the line makes for solid hook ups. 

Exceptionally powerful, easy casting, line built for maximum distance, with ultra-low stretch performance.

The Outbound Short is a 100 foot line. The running line is 70 feet of intermediate sink and the head is 30 feet of Type 6 (6.0 ips) sink tip. 

From Rio:
RIO’s InTouch OutBound Short series of lines are designed to cast large and heavy flies very long distances. Built with RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Technology. A short, aggressive front taper easily carries large, weighted streamers, while the powerful head design loads rods deeply and efficiently for effortless casts. A full range of densities make this a very versatile line series. Each line features RIO’s XS Technology for super slick performance, and is built with a supple, coldwater coating that ensures the line remains tangle-free.

- Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum performance
- Front loaded to cast large flies with ease
- Designed for easy distance
- XS Technology for a super slick coating
- Welded loops for fast rigging
$84.95 each

Airflo Streamer Max Short Sink Tip

The Airflo Streamer Max Short is one of our favorite sink tip lines for running mean leeches and buggers through nasty runs and fishy holding water. The 26 foot sinking head gets your fly down in the strike zone. Whether you are chucking big flesh for fall rainbows, dredging sculpins for slabs, or want a sink tip line that makes throwing a Dolly Llama easier, the Streamer Max Short will get it done!
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