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$1.00 each

Airflo Extra Pages for Head Bag System

Extra Pages for Airflo's Head Bag Storage System
$24.99 each

Airflo Head Bag Storage System

Need a good way to deal with those stinkin' shooting heads for your switch or spey? Look no further. Tim Rajeff designed Airflo's head bag to help organize and maximize your time on the water.
$15.95 each
3.79999 5 10 Product

3-Pack - Rio 9ft Salmon Steelhead Knotless Leader

Ideal for all your salmon, steelhead, and big trout fishing in Alaska. Save money when you buy the 3-Pack!
$4.95 each

Rio 7.5ft Knotless Tapered Trout Leader

A shorter, more traditional trout leader. Easy to turn over for novice casters, for use off a sink tip and as a "starting point leader" for adding more tippet.
$4.95 each

Rio Powerflex Tippet

This tippet material matches up perfectly with Rio tapered trout leaders. 30yard spools.
$14.95 each

Fluoroflex Plus Tippet

100% fluorocarbon that is nearly invisible to fish, and more durable while fishing Alaskan waters.
$5.95 each

Rio 9ft Salmon Steelhead Knotless Leader

The perfect leader for floating line fishing for salmon and steelhead. These leaders are thicker and stiffer than a trout leader and will keep the fly and fish attached to your line!
$5.95 each
3.66667 5 3 Product

Rio 6ft Salmon Steelhead Knotless Leader

The perfect salmon and steelhead leader for fishing with a sinking tip line.
$4.95 each

Butt Section

Great material for adding a leader butt to your fly line.
$5.95 each

Maxima Ultragreen Tippet

The legendary leader material among the salmon and steelhead enthusiasts. Very abrasion resistant and ridiculously strong.
$9.95 each

Rio Pike Leader

The Rio Pike leader is our choice for northern pike fishing in Alaska. This 7.5 ft leader tapers down to 30lb test and then an 18" section of 30lb coated wire is knotted on. A snap link makes changing flies a breeze.
$12.95 each

3- Pack Rio Knotless Tapered 9ft Trout Leader

Save money when you buy the 3-Pack!
$4.95 each

Rio 9 ft Knotless Tapered Trout Leader

Our favorite Alaskan trout leader. They turn over flies like no other leader. Rio's tapered trout leaders are super strong, stealthy, and easy to cast. All come with a loop knot for easy attachment to your fly line.
$8.95 each

Fishpond Tippet Spool Cord

This unique tippet spool cord will hold up to 6 of your factory standard tippet spools. It is flexible, Simple, and no fuss.
$14.95 each
5 5 1 Product

Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader Material

FC Leader is our favorite fluorocarbon for fishing beads or flies. It is thin, strong, easy to knot, and most importantly extremely abrasion resistant.
$5.95 each

Rio Salmon Steelhead Tippet

Rio's Salmon Steelhead Tippet matches up perfectly with their Salmon Steelhead Leaders. It is medium stiff, glacial green in color and knots beautifully. 30 yards per spool.
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