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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

$74.95 each

Rio Gold Line

The Rio Gold is one of our favorite lines for trout fishing. It is an extremely smooth casting line that brings out the best in medium fast rods. A great roll casting line, too.
$54.95 each

Rio Avid Trout Line

Rio's Avid Trout line is solid performer in the mid-price arena. The Avid is super slick and is designed for easy casting performance, with slightly heavier and shorter head lengths.
$89.95 each

Rio InTouch OutBound Short - Type 3 Medium Sink Tip Line

If you are casting large, weighted flies long distances, the Rio Outbound Short is the ticket. The Type 3 is considered a medium sink rate line. It sinks at 3.0 inches per second and is ideal for getting your fly into the strike zone. 
$74.95 each

Rio Grand Line

The Rio Grand is the perfect Alaskan line. The fly line is graded a full line size heavier than industry standard, so the Grand works best on fast-action rods with big flies.
$239.95 each

Super-Versi Tip Line

The In Touch Super Versi Tip line ensures you will be covered in every fishing situation. Each line comes with Rio's four standard heads plus we have cherry-picked additional MOW tips & heads to give you the ultimate line set up. If you are planning a float trip or are fishing where water conditions can be unpredictable, this line is for you. An AFFG exclusive.
$84.95 each
5 5 1 Product

Airflo Nymph/Indicator Line

This fly line is ideal for nymph style fishing under an indicator, throwing roll casts, and mending large flies in fast moving water. Whether you are trout, salmon or steelhead fishing, this line will do the trick.
$34.95 each

Airflo Velocity Line

The Airflo Velocity is the ideal line for a beginner or someone looking for a smooth casting affordable line. With its user friendly taper design, the long rear taper allows the line to grow with you as you improve and increase your casting range. Casts well on a variety of rods and does not break the bank.
$84.95 each
5 5 1 Product

Rio InTouch Single Hand Spey Fly Line

The Rio Single Hand Spey line is the best all around Alaskan standard fly line we have seen in ages. This line is fabulous for overhanding large streamers, and also practicing your spey cast.
$89.95 each

Rio Bonefish QuickShooter

The Rio Bonefish Quickshooter is the great equalizer of tropical fly lines. Super easy to pick up and cast, it has become a favorite of novices and experienced anglers alike. If you are wade fishing the flats and quick casts are needed, the Quickshooter is the line to go with. 
$169.95 each

Rio InTouch VersiTip II

The InTouch VersiTip II should be called the Alaskan Special. With four 15' tips of varying sink rate, you are ready for any fishing situation. This line is easy to cast and very versatile. Plus, each tip has loops on both ends for easy rigging.
$89.95 each

Rio Bonefish Line

If the warmwater flats are your destination, this is the line you want. Rio's Bonefish line is the line by which others are measured. Equally good for the wade angler or fishing out of a boat. 
$89.95 each
5 5 2 Product

Rio In Touch Big Nasty Floating Line

A superb line for casting large bulky flies. The Big Nasty handles Dolly Llamas, Lead Eye Leeches and other assorted Alaska-style patterns with ease. It has an oversized body that loads rods easily and the front of the body has a bulked up taper that turns over big flies but still feels smooth on the cast.
$89.95 each

Rio In Touch Grand Floating Line

The most popular fly line in Alaska is now available with an In Touch core. The ultra-low stretch Connect Core lets you feel strikes more quickly, jack the hook set home with more authority and time your casts with more precision. 
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