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$899.00 each

Sage X Rod

The Sage X might be the best rod ever made. Perfect for Alaskan fishing or anywhere else you might venture. Fast but with feel perfectly describes the X. When you first pick it up it you'll notice how incredibly light in the hand it is. A quick shake and you can feel its power and fast action.
$499.00 each

Sage Motive

Imagine yourself on a big Alaskan river full of brawny salmon. You pick up your line, make two false casts and rocket a cast a solid 10 feet further than usual. You must have a Sage Motive in your hand. If ever there was a salmon rod for Alaska this is it. This rod is made for big fish, big casts, and big flies, so what better place to use it than Alaska?
$450.00 each

Sage Pulse

The Pulse is one of the sweetest Sage rods we have fished in a long time. It does an amazing job of smoothing out your cast and delivering flies at all distances. Once you get this fast- action, easy to handle, and very sexy green rod in your hand, you won't want to put it down.
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