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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

$1,420.00 each
3.57142 5 7 Product

"Big Hitter" Trout Package

If you are looking for the absolute finest tackle for pursuing trout, look no further. In this package we have matched a Winston BIIIx 5 weight rod with a Hatch Finatic 5+ reel and a Rio Gold line.
$459.95 each
4.66667 5 3 Product

"Getting Started" Trout Package

Looking for a trout rod to chuck streamers and toss bead rigs with? This rod package is a killer deal on some killer gear!
$499.95 each
3.32654 5 49 Product

"Getting Started" Salmon & Steelhead Package

Hands down this is the BEST salmon & steelhead package you'll find for under $500. We have fished it extensively, casting large streamers and fighting 15+ pound coho, and can confidently say it can handle just about anything. Plus you save over $75 with our package deal. 
$395.95 each

Small Stream Trout Rod Package

Have you been searching for the perfect small stream or small trout rod package? After searching high and low, testing rods, lines, and reels we have settled on what we think to be one of the best beginning rod packages.
$169.99 each
4.85714 5 7 Product

Echo Gecko Rod Package

The Echo Gecko is designed and built with little thrashers in mind. At 7'9" in a 4/5 weight it is easy to handle and learn with.
$899.95 each
5 5 1 Product

"Getting Started" King Salmon Package

A Sage 10 weight Motive rod is matched with a dependable Lamson Guru 4 reel and a Rio Versi-Tip line. If you are looking to get started king salmon fishing this a great value.
$1,570.00 each
4.5 5 10 Product

"Big Hitter" Salmon & Steelhead Package

There is no finer tackle for pursuing salmon and steelhead. Fly fishing for salmon and steelhead in Alaska demands quality gear. The Sage X Series 890-4 rod, Hatch Finatic 7 Plus reel and a Rio Grand floating line will cover just about any fishing situation Alaska can throw at you.
$169.95 each

Echo Base Package

Looking for a solid entry level package that won't break the bank? Echo does it again with the Echo Base Kit. Under $200 for a new rod, reel, line, leader, and rod case.
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