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Southeast Alaska & Kodiak Medium Bead Selection

$54.95 each
New & Improved with even better beads! This bead selection is ideal for fishing behind pinks and chums or the occasional pair of kings. Great for rainbows, dollies and cutthroat on smaller rivers and streams. This selection is particularly effective on Kodiak Island and in Southeast Alaska.


Selection ncludes: 9 compartment box w/ lanyard, bead pegs (clear plastic and wood), two 3/4" Thinga-ma-bobber indicators, 30/20 of #B/BB split shot and 20 #6  bead hooks. Beads include approximately: 15-8mm and 10-10mm of Mottled Gold Roe, Mottled Peachy King, Mottled Orange Clear and Mottled Mango.  18-8mm come in Mottled Tangerine.  A perfect starter box.