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Glo Bug - Peachy King

$1.95 each
Peachy King, along with Champagne, are the core two colors that need to be in your box. Peachy King is the ideal combination of a somewhat fresh egg that has been in the water a short while. Not as bright as a super fresh egg like Flame, but bright enough to grab the attention of trout and Dollies. 


The Glo Bug is the original egg pattern. Simple but deadly. It is not unusual to go through a dozen a day if the fishing is hot!

We suggest fishing Glo Bugs on a nymph-style leader set up. The goal is to get the fly near the bottom and let it drift naturally. Start with a Rio 9 foot Trout Leader in 2X (10lb) or 3X (8lb), tie on the Glo Bug and add split shot about 18" up from the fly. If you aren't sure what size split shot to use, start with BB.

Then add a strike indicator. Thing-A-Ma-Bobbers in 3/4" size are our favorites. Place the indicator approximately 1.5 - 2 times the water depth away from the fly. For instance, if the water is 3 feet deep, place the indicator 4.5-6 feet from the fly. Adjust the indicator as needed to allow the fly to sink near the bottom while simultaneously allowing you to see strikes as soon as they happen.