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Echo 3

$349.99 each
The Echo 3 is a crisp casting, fast action fly rod built for long days on the water. From small stream trout fishing to big open spaces, the Echo 3 will be sure to put a smile on your face, and fish in your hands.
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From Us:
The Echo 3 is one of the nicest rods for under $400 we have cast. The freshwater rods are perfect for nymph fishing and streamer fishing for trout, and the saltwater rods are the ideal combination of light weight and power for casting heavy salmon flies through the wind.

From Echo:
ECHO3 rods also feature a new HD (high density) cork handle giving you more sensitivity and durability at this very important, but often overlooked connection point. Through the design process the Rajeff team was amazed at how smooth and responsive the rods were. They feel light in the hand and have low swing weight. You won't find a better rod at any price. At $349.99 for the freshwater models and $379.99 for the saltwater models the ECHO3 rods are hard to walk away from.

Lifetime Guarantee against breakage, means casting fearlessly.