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AFFG Steelhead Bead - UV Steelhead Red

$3.99 each
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AFFG's UV Steelhead Red Bead is one of the staple colors for steelhead in Alaska, from Southeast out to the Aleutian Chain. But don't stop there. It works all over the Pacific Coast to the Great Lakes. A must in any steelheader's box.


The translucent red AFFG UV Steelhead Red Bead is a deadly bead color that should be in all steelheader's bead boxes.  Try fishing the smaller 8mm in lower water or pressured conditions and throwing the 14mm bowling ball when waters are high and murky.  This bead has accounted for a lot of steelhead over the last few years! If you fish the Clearwater in Idaho in the fall make sure to grab some Steelhead Red. 

Quantities: 8mm-30, 10mm-20, 12mm-15, 14mm-12