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Great Lakes Steelhead Bead Selection

$74.95 each
Nothing slays Great Lakes steelhead like beads. In this selection we put together the absolute best colors and sizes of beads. Then we added split shot, hooks in two sizes, pegs and put it in a tough compartmentalized box.


Fish the 10mm beads when the water level is medium or higher. The 8mm beads work well in low water conditions or when fish are acting sulky. Selection includes: 14 compartment bead box, 25 #6 & 25 #10 Gamakatsu bead hooks, wood bead pegs, mono bead pegs, BB and 3/0 split shot, and two 3/4" & one 1" Thinga-ma-bobber indicators. 

Beads include a combination of 8mm and 10mm beads in the following colors: Sky Blue Pearl, Chartreuse, Cerise, Fl. Orange, Glow Roe, Dark Roe, Mottled Orange, Sun Orange, and Mottled Natural Roe.