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Everglow Tubing Large

$2.50 each
Everglow Tubing is the body material for Everglow Flies. Everglow Flies are very popular for chum, king and silver salmon as well as steelhead. Size Large is just right for Alaska-size flies in hook size 2/0 - #4.


Tying Tip: As a woven material, you can partially see through Everglow Tubing. If you are wrapping lead on the hook shank, cover it with thread, yarn or chenille that is similar in color to the Everglow Material. 

Tying Tip #2: Tying in Tubing Material. Attach your thread and leave it at the tail position. Remove the core material and discard. Slide the material over the hook and leave the frayed ends long to act as a tail. Make 5 wraps to tie the tubing in at the tail position. Whip finish at the tail tie in spot and cut your thread. Reattach the fthread near the hook eye and continue tying. Moral Of The Story: There is no way to tie in tubing without cutting your thread and reattaching it.