As we wind down another terrific coho season, the action has slowed and the huge schools of silvers have moved up the channel and away from our favorite fishing spots. Although we have had plenty of fall storms this past month, as we get into October, these big rain events tell the fish to head for their final destinations. There are still fresh fish coming in and the persistent angler can find them off the beaches. Pick your weather days and keep looking if you are inspired to do so. The wild coho will keep charging in as well and when Montana or Cowee Creek drop into shape, they can provide stellar fall fishing.

Go chase a few of these to finish up your season!

Don't overlook the cutthroat and Dolly fishing as well this fall. The Dollies can be harder to find and entice with a fly since they are well into spawning mode in October. Cutthroat trout will be on the prowl and feeding right up to freeze up. After a summer of slinging huge flies on an 8 weight it feels really good to break out the 4 weight and make some delicate casts.

As the fishing winds down, so too will the shop hours. We'll keep the hours posted on Google, Facebook, the voicemail greeting and at the top of the home page on the website. We are open year round, but fall is our chance to recharge the batteries before the holiday season and enjoy a bit of down time. If you need something and can't make the hours posted, please order it online and select In Store Pick Up. We'll get the order together and arrange a time that works to get it to you.

It has been a busy and fun summer at the shop. But it was a little more exhausting than most seasons and we are looking forward to a little rest this fall. We are also hopeful about getting our fly fishing community back together in person more often in the future. Fly tying nights, Bar Flies events, movies, casting nights are all hopefully not too far off from happening again, but we'll just have to see how the winter plays out.

As always, thank you for reading the report this season, thank you for your support, stay healthy and cheers to a restful and fulfilling winter! Keep in touch.