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Kenai Deluxe Large Bead Selection

$89.95 each
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The Kenai Deluxe Large Bead Selection is chock full of killer Blood Dot and Mottled beads for rainbows and Dollies on the Kenai and surrounding rivers and tributaries. This box is money for rivers like the Naknek and other Bristol Bay drainages too.


The Kenai River has large runs of all the species of salmon (pinks on even years.)  You'll need a large selection of beads to match the spawn "hatch."  This selection of Mottled Troutbeads covers you for all the fishing situations.  Whether you are fishing behind kings in the middle river, reds on the upper or pinks on the even years, this box has a bead size and color for the situation.

Selection consists of: 1- 14 compartment Mieho box., 20 each of #6 and #4 Gamakatsu  bead hooks, 30/20 of #BB/3/0 split shot, two 1" Thingamabobber indicators, two 3/4" Thinga-ma-bobber indicators,wood and plastic bead pegs.  Mottled Trout Beads include approximately 5-10mm, 7-8mm and 12-6mm of Mottled Troutbeads in Dark Roe, Natural Roe, Orange Clear, Tangerine, Glo Roe and Peachy King, Montana Roe, Peach Roe and Oregon Cheese.