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Lil' Bristol Bay Sockeye Egg Bead Selection

$49.95 each
When fishing behind spawning salmon in Bristol Bay, chances are those salmon are sockeye. This selection of 6mm Mottled Beads will cover the bases for fishing rivers like those found in Katmai National Park and Preserve, Lake Illiamna and other greats.


Bristol Bay is home to the largest runs of sockeye/red salmon in the world. Reds have the smallest roe of the Pacific salmon and 6mm beads match the hatch. Check out this selection if you are going to be fishing for trout or char in sockeye infested waters. Selection includes: 9 compartment box w/ lanyard, 20/30 pcs of #3/0 and #BB slpit shot, 20 #6 Gamakatsu bead hooks, two 3/4" Thinga-ma-bobber indicators and bead pegs (clear plastic and wood.) Beads include approximately 40 ea. of Mottled Natural Roe, Mottled Dark Roe, Mottled Tangerine, Mottled Glo Roe and Mottled Flourescent Orange. Total of 200 6mm beads. A great starter box.