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Starlite Leech - UV Polar Pink & Red #2

$3.95 each
Our custom UV Polar Starlite Leech series take starlite leeches to the next level. The Kandy Kane version is a killer for silvers, pinks, chums and what ever else swims. You gotta try this fly!


We consider pink to be the all around performer for Pacific Andromous Salmon and Trout and its no exception with the Polar Starlite.  We added a little UV to the Starlite  and now you've got a crusher!
  • Tied with the highest quality materials and Daiichi hooks for maximum durability, and ultimate strength and sharpness
  • UV body materials create a unique flash fish can't resist
  • An Alaska Fly Fishing Goods Exclusive
  • Great in rivers from tidewater up