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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

Squidro - Pink & Orange #1/0

$4.95 each
Our Custom Tied Pink/Orange #1/0 Squidro is a Go To king, silver and steelhead fly. It produces fish from the Aleutians all the way down through BC and Washington. Do not under estimate the whoopin' power of Squidro!


  Scott Howell's Squidro has been kicking steely butt for years now, but did you know that Squidro beats up on kings and silvers too?  The Pink/Orange Squidro is a killer from tide water up.  We love this bad boy where ever big fish swim.  Custom tied for Alaska Fly Fishing Goods only using the Owner SSW Cutting Point #1/0 Octopus for extra penetrating power.  DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITH OUT THIS!