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Mr. Bodangles - Pink #1/0

$4.95 each
Bodangles in Pink is everything a salmon could want. A tremendous king, coho, pink, chum and even steelhead fly. Tied on a stout 1/0 jig hook to give it great movement in the water column, marabou & silicone legs to make it wiggle and lead eyes to get it down to the fish.


We went with an even more stout black nickel Gamakatsu jig hook and we bumped the size of eyes up slightly to make it even more wickedly effective. A ridiculously good fly! The Hot Pink Mr. Bodangles is a favorite of coho, chums, pinks and even steelhead.   
  • Overall fly length is 2.75 inches. 
  • Tied with the highest quality materials on the market
  • High quality Gamakatsu 2x strong  Nickel Black Hook (fresh or saltwater)
  • Weighted eyes produces fishy jigging action, yet easy to cast