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Rio PowerFly Line - WF10F - 40% OFF!

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The Powerfly is the Alaska-special of floating fly lines. It is specifically designed to cast large, wind-resistant, heavy flies with ease. What more could an Alaskan angler want?


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Rio's Power Fly line has been specifically designed to cast large and heavy flies with exceptional ease.

The line features a short, powerful front taper that has no problem casting weighted streamers, large terrestrial patterns and nymph and indicator rigs.

The line is heavier than the industry standard to load modern rods with ease, and is built with a supple, coldwater coating that features Rio's XS and AgentX technologies for the very best in performance.

-Short, powerful front taper to easily cast large flies
-Slightly heavier than the AFTMA standard to load powerful rods
-XS Technology for a super slick coating
-Welded loops for fast rigging
-Available in WF6F through WF10F