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Airflo Skagit Switch Line

$54.95 each
The switch rod line we have been waiting for! At 18'-20', it is shorter than a Skagit Compact and loads fast action switch rods easily. Great for throwing 10'-12' of sink tip. Match it up with a Ridge Running line and it is good to go.
Line Grain


In general, we recommend going one size lighter than you would with a Skagit Compact. For instance, if your rod takes a 540 Skagit Compact go with a 510 Skagit Switch.

The Skagit Switch line hits the mark dead on. Shorter in length than Airflo's Skagit Compact, this new addition to the Skagit group of lines vary from 18' to 20' with 7 sizes ranging from 360 to 540 grains.

Designed to load fast action switch rods in tight casting situations, move 10' to 12' of sink tip, and reach out to hit the "zone".

Looped at both ends for ease of use, the front loop has the line size clearly marked for easy identification. The Mint Green color keeps the line visible and controllable at any distance.

Couple this with either the 20lb or 30lb Ridged Running line and you have the pinnacle of switch casting setups.  

Available in Sizes:
5/6 Weight 390 Grain 18.5'
5/6 Weight 420 Grain 19.5'
6/7 Weight 450 Grain 19.5'
7/8 Weight 480 Grain 20.0'
7/8 Weight 510 Grain 20.0'
8/9 Weight 540 Grain 20.0'